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Portfolio Specifics:
The following list of 88 geo domains covering 35 countries on 6 continents is known as the Basecamp International portfolio.

Next to each domain is listed some very basic criteria and points of interest to give a quick idea of the location, as well as an idea of the variety and marketing depth of the portfolio as a whole, for any potential buyers or developers... Note that these search results and associated information are just a starting point for any prospective clients, and obviously those most interested in this kind of specialized business opportunity will do much more research on their own to really understand their true commercial value.

(Owners comment: "As a domainer myself for years,  I believe the kind of people most interested in this type of specialized portfolio of domains are exactly the kind of people capable of understanding their commercial opportunities, potential, and value the best, so I fully realize that using "clever sales words" are tactically useless in any attempts to sell them. Therefore I will not indulge... Rather, I'll let the domains do the talking themselves.")

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Basecamp International Portfolio of Geodomains
Approx. Population
(per Wikipedia)
Google Results on a simple, EXACT, keyword search- (dates of last search indicated)
Tourism? / Special Features
Commercial Hotels?
      (Date- Results, by "all of Web")    
  European Destinations        
1 Tulcea.com - (Romania) 92,000 7-10-12- 30,800,000 lots: Danube river delta, rich culture, business friendly, etc yes
2 Luarca.com - (Spain) 5,400 7-10-12- 2,240,000 minimal: capital of Valdes municipality, etc ?
3 Baracaldo.com - (Spain) 96,000 7-10-12- 1,740,000 lots: industrial river port heritage, etc yes
4 Llanca.com - (Spain) 5,000 7-11-12- 6,610,000 lots: fishing center, etc. yes
5 Vitoriagasteiz.com - (Spain) 238,000 7-11-12- 15,300,000 lots: second largest Basque city, business center, etc yes
6 Ciudad-rodrigo.com - (Spain) 14,000 7-11-12- 9,230,000 lots: rich history, lots of castles, fortresses, etc yes
7 Portbou.com - (Spain) 1,300 7-11-12- 3,620,000 minimal: fishing port, historic quarter, etc ?
8 Guadix.com - (Spain) 21,000 7-11-12- 892,000 some: cave dwellings, churches, etc ?
9 Krumlov.com - (Czech Republic) 14,000 7-11-12- 14,700,000 lots: Short name for Cesky Krumlov, a UNESCO world heritage site with rich cultural history, amazing castle complex, etc yes
10 Montijo.com - (Portugal) 25,000 7-11-12- 12,000,000 some: near Lisbon, business center, etc yes
11 Peloponnesus.com - (Greek Peninsula) 1,000,000 ish... 7-11-12- 123,000 some: rich archeology history, etc yes
12 Lepuy.com - (France) (varies by dif. communes) 7-11-12- 11,100,000 lots: but varies by commune yes
13 Prag.xyz - (Czech Republic)       yes
  Mexico & Central American Destinations        
1 Puertoangel.com - (Mexico) 2,500 7-13-12- 7,730,000 some: beautiful beaches, fishing village, etc yes
2 Costacareyes.com - (Mexico) ?, acres of private clubs... 7-21-12- 78,200 lots: resorts, luxurious vacation villas & property, etc yes
3 Puertocortes.com - (Honduras) 165,000 7-21-12- 3,560,000 some: important seaport city, lots of history, etc ?
4 Choluteca.com - (Honduras) 100,000 7-21-12- 12,000,000 some: important business center, colonial attractions, etc yes
5 Dangriga.com - (Belize) 12,000 7-21-12- 1,040,000 some: largest town in So. Belize, wildlife centers, culture ?
6 Portobelo.com - (Panama) 3,000 7-21-12- 5,270,000 some: rich colonial history, Unesco World Heritage Site ?
7 Cocosolo.com - (Panama & Columbia) ?, varies 7-21-12- 7,970,000 some: ex US Navy base on Panama Canal, important container terminal, etc. or, a lush island of Columbia, etc ?
8 Chitre.com - (Panama & Nepal) Panama: 50,000 7-21-12- 3,870,000 some, in Panama: rich culture, good shopping & restaurants, business center, retirees, etc yes
9 Taboga.com - (Panama Island) 1,700 7-21-12- 1,870,000 lots: Popular tourist destination, 15 miles from Panama city, historical background and beautiful, fishing, etc yes
  South American Destinations        
1 Chiclayo.com - (Peru) 973,000 7-21-12- 107,000,000 lots: rich archeological and cultural history, etc yes
2 Piura.com - (Peru) 378,000 7-21-12- 3,770,000 lots: rich archeological and cultural history, etc yes
3 Cajamarca.com - (Peru) 217,000 7-21-12- 113,000,000 lots: rich archeological and cultural history, etc yes
4 Puno.com - (Peru) 100,000 7-21-12- 84,700,000 lots: rich history, Lake Tititcaca, gateway to Bolivia, etc yes
5 Iquitosperu.com - (Peru) 406,000 7-21-12- 1,030,000 lots: Largest city in Peruvian rainforest; Amazon river and jungle destination base, rich history, etc yes
6 Alterdochao.com - (Brazil) ?, small village... 7-23-12- 1,660,000 lots: white sandy beaches, growing int tourist destination yes
7 Lavras-novas.com - (Brazil) 1,700 7-23-12- 3,110,000 lots: small village, recently rediscovered by tourist industry... rich history, lots of attractions, etc. yes
8 Salinopolis.com - (Brazil) ?, town and municipality 7-23-12- 1,730,000 some: coastal town nearby Amazon jungle yes
9 Riodejaneiro-brasil.com - (Brazil) 6,300,000 7-23-12- 115,000,000 lots... it's RIO, for pete's sake... yes
10 Salvador-brasil.com - (Brazil) 2,700,000 7-23-12- 252,000,000 lots: the ultimate Brazil city destination, home of original and best Carnival festival, beaches, history, etc yes
11 Talca.com - (Chile) 202,000 7-13-12- 17,300,000 some: rich history, university, rivers and preserves, etc yes
  Island Country Destinations        
1 Port-moresby.com - (Papua, New Guinea) 308,000 7-24-12- 8,130,000 some: Capital city of PNG; business center, airport, etc yes
2 Tokelau.com - (Sovereign Territory of New Zealand, w/ independent government) 1,500 7-24-12- 150,000,000 minimal: due to its remoteness... has it's own internet domain TLD- .tk! Rich history, clean energy economy, etc ?
Guadalcanal.com - (Solomon Islands)
Honiara.com- (capital city of Guadalcanal)
55,000 7-24-12- 1,480,000 some: Home of one of the most important battles of WW2. Capital city is business center of Solomon Islands. Beaches, culture, scuba diving destination, etc yes
5 Upolu.com - (Samoa) 135,000 7-24-12- 1,350,000 some: 2nd largest Somoan island and most populated, w/ rich culture and Polynesian history. Most used location of Survivor show history. (seasons 19, 20, 23, and 24), etc yes
6 Mareadelportillo.com - (Cuba) ?, small village... 7-21-12- 268,000 some: (undiscovered), international diving center, beach resort, recommended by Trip Advisor, etc yes
7 Cayolevisacuba.com - (Cuba) ?, island destination 7-21-12- 830,000 lots: popular island destination, excellent diving, etc yes
8 Lahabana-cuba.com (Cuba) 2.14 million (2010) 11-29-14- 29,000,000 lots: local (Spanish) way of saying "Havana, cuba"- Cuba's largest city and tourist destination, lots of history, culture, etc. yes
9 Lahabana-vieja.com (Cuba) 97,000 (1994) 11-29-14- 646,000 lots: local (Spanish) term for "old town Havana", referring to the oldest and most popular tourist section of Havana yes
10 Basseterre.com - (St. Kitts, West Indies) 16,000 7-13-12- 1,470,000 some: rich history, lots of business, ports, etc yes
11 Tagbilaran.com - (Philippines) 97,000 7-24-12- 5,940,000 some: although mostly a business center, its also a starting point to Bohol province attractions like the Chocolate hills, scuba diving, beaches, etc yes
12 Busuanga.com - (Philippines) 16,200 7-24-12- 1,190,000 some: nice beaches, famous for wreck diving, etc yes
13 Romblon.com - (Philippines) 280,000 7-24-12- 5,820,000 some: agricultural economy with copra farming, fishing, rice farming. Rugged mountains. Good business center. yes
14 Marinduque.com - (Philippines) 230,000 7-24-12- 5,480,000 some: considered the "heart of the Philippines", strong economy, rich history, culture, and archeological features, strong business and lots of schools, etc yes
  Asian Destinations        
Kophangan.com - (Thailand)
12,000 7-23-12- 8,530,000 lots: home of the famous full moon party, beaches, etc yes
2 Koh-samet.com - (Thailand) ?, small island 7-24-12- 3,610,000 lots: popular island getaway from Bangkok, part of Thai National Park system, white sandy beaches, etc yes
3 Ko-tao.com - (Thailand) 1,400 7-24-12- 4,950,000 lots: island getaway from Bangkok, scuba, snorkeling, sandy beaches, beauty, etc yes
Koovagam.com - (India) ?, small village 7-24-12- 38,300 some for most of the year, then it booms for one month, during its famous annual transgender and transvestite festival, known as Koovagam ?
Luangprabang.com - (Laos)
50,000 7-23-12- 7,310,000 lots: UNESCO world heritage site, on Mekong river, history, culture, temples, etc yes
7 Travel-Vietnam.com     this domain speaks for itself, coupled with the other Vietnamese domains...  
8 Donghoi.com - (Vietnam) 109,000 7-23-12- 1,210,000 lots: white sand beaches, business, history, culture, etc yes
Cualo.com - (Vietnam) 46,000 7-23-12- 939,000 lots: voted vietnams most beautiful beach, close to Laos, good business, rich culture, etc yes
10 Catba.com - (Vietnam) 17,000 7-23-12- 2,550,000 lots: Largest of the 366 islands of Halong bay, fascinating history, and a National park, etc yes
Camranh.com - (Vietnam)
121,000 7-24-12- 5,260,000 some: important port city located on deepwater bay of the same name, lots of business, etc yes
13 Halong-bay.com - (Vietnam) 1,600 ? 7-23-12- 7,270,000 lots: UNESCO world heritage site in Gulf of Tonkin, famous limestone pillars, 1600 islands and caves, culture, wildlife, etc yes
14 Dailanh.com - (Vietnam) ? 7-24-12- 48,400 some: colorful harbor, nice beach, etc yes
15 Quinhon.com - (Vietnam) 281,000 7-24-12- 1,060,000 some: lots of business and industry based on agriculture and fishing, varied topography, rich history, etc yes
16 Jinghong.com - (China) 520,000 7-23-12- 1,310,000 lots: gateway to Laos, jungle destination, business, etc yes
17 Patan.com - (Nepal, India, Afghanistan) 200,000 7-24-12- 14,300,000 lots: one of 3 royal cities in the Kathmandu valley, with lots of old temples, ornate architecture, artisans, etc yes
18 Bhaktapur.com - (Nepal) 225,000 7-24-12- 4,960,000 lots: one of 3 royal cities in the Kathmandu valley, with lots of old temples and architecture, culture, artisans, etc yes
  African destinations        
1 Burkina.com (African Country) 16,980,000 7-23-12- 323,000,000 minimal: impoverished and locklocked, cultural destination ?
2 Kitwe.com - (Zambia) 504,000 7-24-12- 2,540,000 some: 2nd largest city in Zambia, banking and business friendly, universities, healthcare, mining interests, etc yes
3 Kinabalu.com - (Borneo) 651,000 (in Kota Kinabalu urban district) 7-24-12- 35,500,000 Lots: Is the tallest mountain in Southeast Asia (Mt. Kinabalu) and a National Park. Also, is a thriving city (Kota Kinabalu), 50 km east of the mountain, etc. yes
4 Mahajanga.com - (Madagascar) 135,000 7-24-12- 1,950,000 lots: thriving city and district, seaport, beautiful beaches, growing business center, etc yes
  Australian destinations        
1 Budgewoi.com - (Australia) 3,200 7-25-12- 790,000 lots: on "central coast" surrounded by 2 lakes and the ocean, beaches, growing business, water sports, etc yes
2 Weipa.com - (Australia) 2,830 7-25-12- 1,580,000 minimal: small port town on the Cape York peninsula. big bauxite (mineral) and cattle exporters, etc ?
3 Mildura.com - (Australia) 31,000 7-25-12- 8,080,000 lots: famous for its wineries and as a base for river and other outdoor activities, good business atmosphere, etc yes
4 Birdsville.com - (Australia) 115 (!) 7-25-12- 161,000 lots: small town in the middle of the outback that has become a popular stopping point across the Simpson desert and for several national events. ?
5 Kununurra.com - (Australia) 3,800 7-25-12- 2,280,000 lots: with lakes, rivers, rockclimbing, and ocean, voted 2nd best town to live in for outdoor activities in Australia by Outside magazine, etc yes
6 Inverell.com - (Australia) 9,750 7-25-12- 2,440,000 minimal: fertile agricultural region producing a wide range of crops, rich mining history and industry, etc ?
7 Gympie.com - (Australia) 11,000 7-25-12- 5,410,000 some: famous for its gold field and mining... heritage and cultural center of Cooloola Region, strong business, etc yes
8 Goulburn.com - (Australia) 21,100 7-25-12- 8,530,000 some: "Australia's first inland city", at the confluence of 2 big rivers. Strong business, admin zone, and rich history. yes
9 Quilpie.com - (Australia) 560 7-25-12- 623,000 minimal: famous for its Opals. Grazing and mining industries, gas and oil deposits etc ?
10 Waggawagga.com - (Australia) 46,735 7-25-12- 9,910,000 some: New South Wales largest inland city. Important agricultural, military and transport hub. Long history, strong culture and commercial zone. yes
11 Cooma.com - (Australia) 6,590 7-25-12- 3,790,000 lots: capital and commercial hub of the snowy and Monaro mountains, activities gateway, strong business, etc yes
  North American destinations        
1 Gustavus.com - (USA- Alaska) 500 year round, but over 40,000 per summer season 11-29-14- 5,220,000 lots: international gateway to Glacier Bay National park. yes
2 Glacierbay.org - (USA- Alaska)     reverred National Park in Southeast Alaska yes
3 Haines.xyz (Alaska)       yes
4 Santamonica.xyz (California)       yes
  Support & Miscellaneous domains        
1 Base-camp.com   7-24-12- 80,700,000 This domain serves as the "basecamp" for all these travel related geodomains!  
2 Basecampinternational.com   7-24-12- 6,870,000 This domain backs up/ protects base-camp.com  
3 Adventurebasecamp.com   7-24-12- 5,700,000 This domain backs up/ protects base-camp.com, although could also be used as an adventure portal as well, or whatever...  
4 Basecampeverest.com   7-24-12- 3,930,000 Use your imagination on this one... (Think Mt. Everest!)